Highly experienced technical journalist

It is all too easy to cut and paste from news releases or lift information from web pages. However in today’s highly competitive environment magazines and journals in traditional print form must compete with information delivered on portable devices.

The only way to ensure your magazine is read is to hire a business to business journalist with over 20 years’ experience who regularly talks to technical and commercial personnel and who is used to identifying the often complex issues your readers want to know more about. That means listening, taking notes in shorthand and then writing news and features with information obtained by talking to experts.

Used to talking to technical personnel

By carefully assessing the projects and issues which matter and by combining information gleaned from reports and presentations with transcripts I regularly write features which are read. I have a bulging contacts book and am used to interviewing technical personnel and senior executives at exhibitions and at manufacturing plants in the UK and overseas.

I have written all types of copy including news, news analysis, features, supplements, and news releases. I have worked on weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and annual publications. I specialise in writing about automotive manufacturing, the automotive industry, building and construction, engineering, car parking, civil enforcement, and telematics.

Corporate and PR clients

Used to working for corporate clients and public relations consultancies. I have written many case studies for PR agencies.

Used to covering and attending conferences and exhibitions in the UK and overseas. Also, I have visited many manufacturing sites in the UK and overseas. I am willing to attend conferences and exhibitions as well as make visits to manufacturing plants at short notice.